What signals do you see in the Kansas substance use disorder (SUD) ecosystem?

Black mother and tween daughter both looking forward.

Signal Examples

Signals are a clue we can see today of how the future may be different. It is important to note that sharing signals is not an endorsement of ideas or recommendations of what we should do. It is the discovery of what is out there.

Signals Collected

Narcan and Fentanyl Testing Available in Kansas

Why does it make you hopeful?

This makes me hopeful because it is another place for people to access without having to ask another person or feeling shame.

Overdose-proof Bathrooms

An electrician using motion sensor technology in public bathrooms to detect when people are overdosing and make an alert so there can be intervention.

Why does it make you hopeful?

It makes me hopeful as it’s both using tech in a supportive way and creating culture of care/looking out for each other in a shared responsibility sort of way.