What signals do you see in the Kansas substance use disorder (SUD) ecosystem?

Black mother and tween daughter both looking forward.

Signal Examples

Signals are a clue we can see today of how the future may be different. It is important to note that sharing signals is not an endorsement of ideas or recommendations of what we should do. It is the discovery of what is out there.

Signals Collected

Narcan and Fentanyl Testing Available in Kansas


Why does it make you hopeful?

This makes me hopeful because it is another place for people to access without having to ask another person or feeling shame.

Overdose-proof Bathrooms

An electrician using motion sensor technology in public bathrooms to detect when people are overdosing and make an alert so there can be intervention.

Why does it make you hopeful?

It makes me hopeful as it’s both using tech in a supportive way and creating culture of care/looking out for each other in a shared responsibility sort of way.

Rural Drug Use

In rural areas where needle exchanges were lacking or prohibited, an online, mail-based service provided safe injection supplies and overdose reversal resources. 

Why does it make you hopeful? 

It’s hopeful because it demonstrates a commitment from supportive communities to create accessible resources that effectively reduce the spread of contagious diseases without promoting increased drug use. 

Rapid Drug Analysis

Maryland’s rapid testing pilot adopts a proactive approach to drug monitoring and analysis, facilitating faster and more comprehensive testing of illicit drugs statewide. 

Why does it make you hopeful? 

It makes me hopeful to see an effective partnership between state police and the Department of Health—prioritizing public health and safety. 

Trial Boosts Treatment Retention for OUD and PTSD

The clinical trial is set to solve a crucial challenge, funded by a $2.1 million National Institute on Drug Abuse grant. 

Why does it make you hopeful? 

Patients and their families can soon access a revolutionary cure tailored to the specific needs of maintaining treatment for opioid dependence. 

Recovery Friendly Workplace

A new national institute will train companies to hire and support people in substance abuse recovery and help states create recovery-friendly workplaces. 

Why does it make you hopeful? 

It gives me hope to see a state-wide initiative that empowers businesses to support individuals with substance use disorders. 

Reaching Rural Initiative

The initiative unites rural practitioners nationwide to support their leadership growth and advance solutions for substance use challenges in rural areas. 


Why does it make you hopeful? 

I’m hopeful to see rural communities, with diverse professional backgrounds, uniting to create a supportive, substance-free environment.